29 June 2017

Who turns out the lights?

100% of Swiss Re Next’s electricity will come from renewable sources and light-saving LED-bulbs will be used wherever electricity is required. But we can’t help wondering who’ll be flicking off the lights at night. A caretaker? The last person to head out?

Believe it or not, the building is being designed to take care of itself. It will adjust for the comfort of employees in three ways: light conditions, room temperatures and air freshness. If the room temperature is comfortable when a space is full of people working, what happens when they all leave for lunch? Does the temperature plummet? Are the workspaces cold when people return? Yes, and no. The building’s sensors register these activities and adjust temperatures so that it’s perfect when people enter the office. The same goes for light intensity and for air circulation so to guarantee fresh air all the time. So who’ll turn out the lights at night? The building itself, when it ’senses’ everyone’s gone home.

And they’ll be on in the morning, as soon as the first employee enters the office, to welcome people back.