21 September 2017

The X factor

We've explained why we decided to tear down the previous building in the article  "It’s a hat trick – chapeau!" Built at a time when people didn’t appreciate sustainability by today’s standards, it was simply not future-proof. In particular, it's energy efficiency was insufficient and its compartmentalised office spaces did no longer fit Swiss Re's needs going foward.

We also lacked today’s computer technology to enable a comprehensive management of the building's sustainability – from planning across construction and finally also to demolition. Well, times have changed.  

Today’s computer resources allowed us to develop "buildX" – a special software tool designed to track and register the provenance of every material used in Swiss Re Next, even the multiple recycled materials. BuildX enables us to keep a detailed inventory guaranteeing „future-proofness“ for the building. This means that 100 years from now, when Swiss Re Next will finally be deconstructed, all the materials can and will be accounted for, recycled and reused wherever possible. We may not be there to watch it, but the buildX factor will.