26 April 2017

Green energy doesn't grow on trees!

And where does it come from? Earth’s heat and biomass, the sun, water, and wind, yes. But first and foremost, it comes from people’s commitment to produce and use it.

Swiss Re’s committed. Around the world, as co-founders of The Climate Group’s global campaign called RE100, supporting market development for renewable energy. Together with 100 of the world's most influential companies, Swiss Re will operate on 100% electricity from renewable sources by 2020. That's company accountability.

Its COyou2 programme provides subsidies for emission-cutting purchases, to encourage its employees to reduce their own carbon footprints. That's individual accountability.

As for the upcoming building Swiss Re Next? It will be operating on 100% electricity from renewable sources from the day it opens. Green energy grows from these multi-level engagements – it’s something to take pride in.